Install for YackityYak Chat

...If you on Vista or Windows7 follow the 6 steps below before downloading chat
it will help solve alot of problems with games and chat...


2.. Top right of control panel you see a search box.

3.. Type in UAC

4.. link on left should be SET UAC = User Account Control click it.

5.. Then drag BAR to the bottom and Reboot your pc thats it.

6.. In Vista it may say turn UAC on or off turn it off AND Reboot your pc.

...If you on Windows8 follow the steps below......

1.. Open User Account Control Settings by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type uac, and then click Change User Account Control settings.

2.. Then drag bar to bottom click ok then reboot your pc and you done..

For All Windows ----- Chat Download........YakChat4400 (Zipped File)

For All Windows ----- Chat Download........YakChat4400 (Exe File)

This download has been virus scan and no threats were found on 1/20/2014
Was also installed and virus scan and no threats were found on 1/20/2014
This is a safe download and install
...Download to desktop then install it thats it...

Tips after you login chat

File transfers

    If you're using the Virtual Places on a PC, you can send files, gestures, and avatars to fellow chatters. Mac users cannot send or receive files using Virtual Places.

      To send a file:
      1. Right-click on a member name (right-side window) and select Send file (from the drop-down menu).
      2. Select the type of file to send.
      3. Select the file name, then press OK.
      4. The intended recipient will get a private message from you with the file attached.

      Saving Gestures and Avatars:

      When you accept a gesture file or avatar file from another user, save files to the following directories

      1. Save your gestures To your Gesture folder
      2. Save your avatars To your Gallery folder or to a personnal folder you make
      3. Save your tours To your Tour folder

      To change your avatar:
      1. Right click on your avatar or click the Avatars menu (top of the VP screen).
      2. Choose Edit Identity.
      3. Select either Stock or Personal and click Change (personal avatars are avatars that you've created, received from other chatters, and/or downloaded from the Web).
      4. Select an avatar from either gallery and click OK. The selected avatar will appear on the chat room screen.

      To play a gesture:
      1. The gesture icon is a small yellow smiley face and can be found next to the Send button at the bottom of your vp screen.
      2. Click the yellow smiley face to open the gesture palette.
      3. Click on a gesture and press Send.
      4. The gesture will animate next to your avatar.


      The person who starts the tour, the Tour Driver, navigates the "bus" from one chat room to another. The passengers automatically change rooms with the driver (until they remove themselves from the tour. As Tour Driver, you must first select your mode of transport and the number of passengers you'd like to include on your tour.

        To set up a tour:
        1. Select "Guided Tours" on the task bar.
        2. Select Set up Tour. A gallery of transportation including a magic carpet, bus, car, and camel will appear.
        3. Choose your vehicle and select the number of passengers you would like on your tour: 2 avatars or up to 11 avatars.
        4. Click OK. Your selections will be saved automatically.
        5. In the space provided, you may change the caption from "(Yourname)'s Tour Bus" to whatever you wish to call it.
        6. At this time you can also chose from a selection of tour bus graphics. (Very similar to changing your avatar.)
        To start the tour:
        1. Again, select "Guided Tours" on the task bar.
        2. Select Guide a Tour.
        3. You will be seated in the top left corner of the tour. When you point your browser to a new URL, everyone on your tour moves to the new URL.

          If capacity permits, other chatters can move their avatars onto your vehicle to be part of the tour. A Tour tab will appear at the bottom of your (and the tourists') screen. Click the Tour tab to converse with chatters on your tour.